Manok na pula unlimited money

Manok na pula is a lovely and joyful game. You can enjoy cockfighting on your mobile phone without wasting or losing your real money. In Manok na pula game there is a fight between 2 chickens where one chicken can beat the other and the player can win money according to his bet.

Manok na pula mod APK gives you unlimited money which is very helpful in the game as

You can easily buy your favorite chicken with unlimited money. Also, you upgrade your chicken to the maximum level. Play big battles. After buying or upgrading your chicken defeat your enemies with maximum chicken power.




Mod Info

Unlimited Money




Action game

Benefits of unlimited money

Unlocks every chicken

As you know in Manok na pula game money is significant for purchasing chickens and playing games. Once you install the APK version of Manok na pula you can easily purchase your favorite chicken with the feature of Manok na pula unlimited money.

Upgrade your chicken

When playing games some of your opponents easily defeat you and you can do nothing to win this is because your opponents have upgraded their chicken’s powers and your chicken has low power and low level. By downloading this modded version you can easily upgrade your chickens to max levels and easily defeat your opponents.


You can get Manok na pula unlimited money just by downloading and installing the app from our website

No, this version is not harmful or dangerous for your device. The purpose of the modded version is to give you enjoyment without wasting too much time on the game.


This version makes it easy to get unlimited money in the game because there is too much time required to get such money from which you can get and upgrade your favorite chickens that is why we are giving you many features in this APK version so that you can enjoy the game without any hesitation.

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